Frequently Asked

What does Orgonite do?

Orgonite’s piezoelectric effect neutralizes the harsh frequencies of EMF, radiation, 5G and electronic devices.

What is a positive / negative ion? Are they dangerous?

Electronic devices generate positive ions, which can be transmitted to the body and circulated through the blood. When positive ions build up inside the body, it can result in illness and depression.

Orgonite transmutes positive ions into negative ions, reducing the risk of harm from electronic devices.

How many Orgonite pieces
do I need in my home?

Ideally, there should be an Orgonite “grid” throughout your home, with at least one piece in each room. However, this can also be established in time. When purchasing your first pieces, prioritize your bedroom and other rooms with a lot of electronics (like WiFi routers, computers or televisions).

When should I replace my Orgonite?

The longevity of Orgonite depends on the amount of radiation it absorbs. As it transmutes positive ions, you may begin to notice white specks on your Orgonite. When a significant amount of white specks have accumulated, your Orgonite will need to be replaced.

What ingredients are in
Kat’s Krystal’s Orgonite?

  • Copper wrapped quartz crystals
  • Shungite
  • Selenite
  • Black tourmaline
  • Herkimer diamonds
  • Magnetit
  • Rochelle salt
  • Mica crystal powder
  • Atomized copper
  • Copper shavings
  • A copper coil

Are my pieces safe?

Many people believe demonic energy can attach to crystals. That is why all of our crystals are blessed before being shipped; the protection of Jesus Christ fills each of our pieces.

How do I charge my Orgonite if there is no sunlight?

If you cannot access direct sunlight, place your Orgonite directly on the ground outside. Places where the Earth’s frequency is strong (such as in grass or near a tree) are best for charging your Orgonite.

    What’s the difference between regular mini pyramids and copper-capped pyramids?

    Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and it makes Orgonite’s effects more potent. Pyramids with copper caps will be more powerful than those without.


    What’s the difference between pyramids and TowerBusters?

    Pyramids are ideal for sleep and work best when kept in a bedroom. TowerBusters are designed to be placed near electronics to absorb harmful ions.

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